Trevor Doyle

Trevor Morgan Doyle is an award-winning producer and filmmaker from Southern California.  He has broad international work experience with numerous connections in several industries worldwide. Mr. Doyle’s film career began when he was working as an archaeologist and reindeer herder in Northern Finland.   While in Finland he made his first film, In the Shadow of Pallas, a documentary about war evacuees.  And he hasn’t stopped since, with three short films each selected for Cannes Film Festival along with contributions to major feature films like Past TimeDisturbiaHounddog, both “Arn” films, and Sergei Bodrov’s Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan.  Doyle directed music videos and web content productions for both European and American markets including the development of a TV production on experimental archaeology and cooking — two of his passions and areas of expertise. He also produced shows for both TV and subscription based channels including The ListSecs & ExecsAnimal House and Stuck.  Recently, Trevor joined up with Frozen Flame Pictures to create Europe’s first true super hero feature titled, Rendel.  Since then they have secured international distribution for “Rendel” at The Cannes Film Festival and in China. Mr.  Doyle loves to collaborate on new projects and, as seen by his previous endeavors, he can be counted on to provide high quality results.