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Fred Caruso


Fred Caruso (Producer) is a seasoned and well respected professional in film production. Mr. Caruso produced “Blue Velvet” for David Lynch, “The Rat Pack" for HBO, which was nominated for eleven Emmy Awards, “Bonfire Of The Vanities” for Brian DePalma, and “Year Of The Dragon” for Dino De Laurentiis. He has worked on such films as; “Godfather 1”, “Network”, “Once Upon A Time In America” and “The Presidio” starring Sean Connery. Mr. Caruso has worked with the following directors; Elia Kazan, John Cassavettes, Francis Coppola, Sidney Lumet, Sergio Leone and Tony Scott.

Mr. Caruso is a graduate from NYU with a degree in music education. As department chairman for the arts in the public school systems in New Jersey, Caruso had developed the music, acting, writing, and performing talents of hundreds of students.


Phil Masters

Producer, Line Producer

Phil Masters’ award-winning career had started in 2008 producing his own films. Mr. Masters also started taking the role as a financier of films and had facilitated funding several films. He has won awards as a cinematographer while becoming a member of the Writers Guild of America West, from his work that featured in many film festivals. Mr. Masters is well versed in producing films for both domestic and foreign markets. His integrity, resourcefulness and high standards for his work have been a few of many strong suits that he is know by in the industry.


Julie Thoummavong

Project Manager, Development

Julie Thoummavong a headstrong actress, black belt martial artist, fitness guru and a chef born in a refugee camp in Thailand. She studied acting in some of the best schools in Chicago and Los Angeles. Always hungry for a good challenge, she is constantly striving for excellence and dedicates herself fully to every project she puts her hands on. Julie's driven strong work ethic, persistence and her no fear attitude bring success to everything she works on.




Thomas Yount

Web Manager, Sound Tech

Thomas Yount is a web developer, composer, sound designer and audio engineer born in Seattle, Washington. Thomas is passionate about relating empowering narratives through music and sound to whomever the audience. His technical web development skills have been honed through working with professionals in the entertainment business over the last several years.




Nelson Blanco

Product Manager, Development

Nelson Blanco is a California native born to immigrant parents from El Salvador and Cuba. Raised in Central America at a young age learned to be self driven and motivated, these attributes he still carries and applies them in any project presented to him. A very personable and approachable person that lives a very active lifestyle.



Nadira Akhonova

Producer - Distributor

Nadira Akhonova is an Emmy Award winning producer for the Vice TV series "Genetic Passport" She has worked extensively with Vice TV and HBO in her homeland of Kazakhstan while working in and establishing strong production connections throughout Central Asia, North America, The Near East and India.