Alexa Khan

Alexa Khan (Dulguun Batjargal) is a producer and an actress. She is an award winning Producer who produced the epic “The Steed”, four time award winning children’s sci-fi “A World Away” and more. Alexa Khan is also known for the unforgettable role as a bad alien captain in A World Away, a terrifying yet hypnotizing role of anxiety in Monochopsis and more. She was born and raised in Mongolia, grew up performing on stage as an actress, dancer, and aerobics gold medalist. Khan studied Finance Real Estate and Law in Los Angeles and upon receiving her bachelor’s degree, she quickly pursued careers with wealth management firms UBS Financial Services and Merrill Lynch. Khan’s work ethic, passion, and courage have allowed her to achieve her life goals quickly which include not only her mastery of finance but also her passion for film and theater. Throughout her financial career, she has continued to perform in theater productions, short films, commercials and music videos. As a creator and a producer, her dedication, artistic talent and passion have earned her the reputation for “turning what she touches to gold.” She enjoys her free time with her family, 2 children and a french bulldog.