We believe the current trend in entertainment is clearly global and co-producing content that is locally relevant while universally appealing is both artistically satisfying and lucrative.

Our current films are  “Reparation” a Mongolian courtroom drama based on actual events in Russia, the four time award winning family Sci-Fi feature "A World Away” which received The Best Feature Film award from Chicago Independent Film Festival and a Best Family Film award from Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. Our most current feature is the highly anticipated epic journey of a horse and a boy “The Steed” based on a Mongolian award winning poem.

With over 20 years of production experience, our producers have worked on films such as “Disturbia”, an action horror suspense thriller; “Trapped Abroad (one & two)”, both award winning action thrillers based in Mongolia; ”Rendel”, Finland’s first superhero blockbuster; “Hound Dog”  Sergei Bodrov’s Epic “Mongol: The Rise Of Genghis Khan” and the highly awarded Mongolian drama “Father"


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